Jul 10

The Most valuable Tips to Increase your Visibility on Instagram

Instagram is the newest social platform that has been making people go crazy on how to get popular on it. Different people have different reasons for seeking popularity on instagram. While others are doing it for self esteem, some do it for business. Determining the group of people that deserves more popularity is not in our interest but rather provide valuable tips that will increase one’s visibility on instagram.

Why should One Increase Visibility on Instagram?

As mentioned earlier, different people have different reasons for seeking popularity on instagram. However, the common reason for increasing visibility on instagram is to get more followers who will help in promoting a brand. The brand can be a product or just using your name as a brand to become popular amongst your peers.

Tips on Increasing Instagram Followers

To be highlighted here below are some of the most valuable tips that a person or business should use to get free instagram followers.

  • Make an Emotional Connection

Pictures are known to bring out our deepest emotions. If you want to know how to get followers on instagram, then you should know how to use pictures that have emotional appeal. If you are using instagram for business, this tip should be very helpful in attracting your targeted audience.


  • Introduce your Employees

Under the assumption that you are using instagram for business purposes, it is then important to introduce your employees to the instagram community. This will show the human side of your company and hence get more instagram followers and likes. Family and friends should be included if you are using instagram just for social interaction. This is a perfect way of getting free instagram followers.


  • Offer Inspiration

Start offering inspiration when writing your captions. You can opt for sharing wise quotes or personal anecdote that will be positively associated with your business. If you are still out there wondering on how to get instagram followers, then you should start digging on the words that offer inspiration to capture your audience.


  • Get your Followers Involved

You should not just let your activities on instagram be fixed on sharing information about your product but also letting your followers have a say on your photos. This can be done by creating a hashtag that will be used to a specific instagram post.


  • Promote your Events

Instagram followers are lured by exciting events. You should create and promote trendy events that will leave everyone talking about your business or product. This is an effective way on how to get instagram followers since there will be lots of referrals.

Getting free instagram followers can never be any easier than using the above mentioned tips of increasing your visibility on instagram.