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One evening in march, At MGMs National Harbor casino, 10 miles south of Washington, D.C, a married couple eating Southern food at the bar of a Marcus Samuelsson restaurant chat up other diners who are similarly excited about seeing Cher.
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In 1998 the singer/actress published her memoir The First Time, as told through a series of short essays. Cher, her mother and her sister were also featured in the 2013 Lifetime documentary Dear Mom, Love Cher, which goes into their family history.
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Several Cher songs appeared on the soundtrack of this episode, including Gypsies, Tramps and Thieves" and The" Sun Ain't' Gonna Shine Anymore. At the end of the episode, Mulder and Scully take the Cher fan to a Cher concert, where they hear her sing her cover of Walkin" in Memphis.
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TODAY I perform on the Billboard Music Awards at 8e5p on ABC! Cher Birthday Night MGM Park Theater 2017. Only TWO DAYS until I perform and receive the ICON Award on the Billboard Music Awards May 21st at 8e5p on ABC!
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According to Berman, the" heavy, loud sound of groups like Jefferson Airplane and Cream made the folk-rock music of Sonny and Cher seem too bland" 38 Cher later commented, I" loved the new sound of Led Zeppelin, Eric Clapton, the electric-guitar oriented bands.
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A follow-up album, featuring her covers of contemporary hits such as Fire" and Rain, sold well also, and her next single, The" Way of Love, a revival of a mid-'60s' Kathy Kirby hit, solidified the image of a new, more confident and powerful Cher.

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