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The printer was chattering away on the desk. noun U us / tætr /. The air was full of the chatter of birds. Definition of chatter from the Cambridge Academic Content Dictionary Cambridge University Press. Translations of chatter. in Chinese Traditional.
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Etymology 1 edit. From Middle English chateren, from earlier cheteren, chiteren to twitter, chatter, jabber, of imitative origin. Compare Flemish schateren chatter, schetteren, Dutch koeteren jabber, dialectal German kaudern to gobble like a turkey, Danish kvidre to twitter, chirp. Talk, especially meaningless or unimportant talk.
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Multichannel Customer Service. Chatter Salesforce Chatter. Definition Chatter Salesforce Chatter. Posted by: Margaret Rouse. Share this item with your network.: Why Small Organizations Are Modernizing Infrastructure Dell EMC. A Simple Guide to Increasing Productivity and Job Satisfaction Across Your DellEMC.
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Indeed, the chatter for the past year on the anti-gay fringe has been of resistance. The Right Wing Screams for the Wambulance Over Gay Marriage Ruling Walter Olson October 13, 2014. Perhaps organizers will simply give up and settle for chatter.
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Chatter mark, an indication of glacial erosion. Chatter Telephone, a classic roll along pull toy with a friendly face and eyes that move up and down when the toy is pulled. This disambiguation page lists articles associated with the title Chatter.
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How could I chatter nothings when Ned was by my side, smiling down at me so confusedly? The Nubian, taken completely by surprise, began to chatter with fright. Let" me whisper in your ear, said Miss Desmond, loud above the chatter of the weir.
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