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Word Origin and History for dispersion Expand. late 14c, from Old French dispersion 13c, from Latin dispersionem nominative dispersio a" scattering, noun of action from past participle stem of dispergere see disperse. Online Etymology Dictionary, 2010 Douglas Harper Cite This Source. dispersion in Medicine Expand. dispersion dispersion d-spûr'zhn, shn.
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Had a shell fallen on the table, the dispersion could not have been more instantaneous. To continue his flight meant capture or dispersion of his forces. They could not be as they are had no law regulated their creation and dispersion.
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How radical innovation emerges from growing content variety and context dispersion in some recombination process is not explained. One of those is the wide availability and dispersion of crucial enabling technologies to every political and military entity in the world.
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Variance-to-mean ratio mostly used for count data when the term coefficient of dispersion is used and when this ratio is dimensionless, as count data are themselves dimensionless, not otherwise. Some measures of dispersion have specialized purposes, among them the Allan variance and the Hadamard variance.
For example, the familiar risk measurement, beta, measures the dispersion of a security's' returns relative to a particular benchmark or market index. If the dispersion is greater than that of the benchmark, then the instrument is thought to be riskier than the benchmark.
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chemistry C a mixture in which very small pieces of one substance are scattered within another substance. physics U the separation of light into different colors. Definition of dispersion from the Cambridge Academic Content Dictionary Cambridge University Press. Translations of dispersion.
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Dispersion is a process by which in the case of solids becoming dispersed in a liquid agglomerated particles are separated from each other and a new interface, between an inner surface of the liquid dispersion medium and the surface of the particles to be dispersed, is generated.
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Dispersion water waves. Acoustic dispersion, for sound waves. Dispersion relation, the mathematical description of dispersion in a system. Modal dispersion, spreading of signals in multimode fibers and waveguides by a distortion mechanism. Polarization mode dispersion, a form of modal dispersion.

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